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At Ritme Celler we like to receive visits from distributors and importers around the world: Scotland, USA, Quebec, Australia, London, etc.

This shared time allows us to get to know the territory, the landscape, the terroir where our vineyards grow.

It is then that they understand the philosophy, the elaboration and the taste of our wines.

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Plaer 2016 recives 94/100 points in the Guía Intervinos 2019

El Plaer 2016 receives 94/100 points in the 2019 edition of the prestigious Guía Intervinos.

Guía Intervinos is already in its eleventh edition and has the particularity that it is one of the most international of the Spanish to be translated into English, German and Russian, so it is a reference for many distributors and wine world fans outside our borders.

Ritme Celler at the Millésime Bio 2019

This year, Ritme Celler has been present at the Millésime Bio 2019, a 100% organic fair that took place from January 28 to 30 in Montpellier.

This fair, created and organized by the winemakers of the Sudvinbio interprofessional association since 1993, offers a 100% ecological offer to its visitors, all of them professionals in the sector.

The organizers carry out a rigorous work of control of compliance with the legislation of the products displayed. The wines presented have all the ecological certification. All exhibitors must provide copies of certificates of conformity to the organic production method issued by an approved certification body, for all wines presented.