Etern 2018 the Best Catalan wine, Premis Vinari 2023

Premis Vinari 2023

We are very happy to show you the awards received in the Gala Premis Vinari 2023.

ETERN 2018 Ritme Celler, DOQ Priorat

BRAÓ 2019 Acústic Celler, DO Montsant

PLAER 2021 Ritme Celler, DOQ Priorat

On October 6th, the Vinari Awards for the best wines of Catalonia was held.

The Vinari awards are characterized by rigorous blind tasting, by a hundred sommeliers and oenologists as Jury. The Vinari awards grant prestige to the winning wineries.

Vinari Awards 2023

Enjoy a lot!

Etern 2018, Millor vi de Catalunya i Millor vi de Guarda, Medalla Gran Or, premis Vinari 2023 Medalla Gran Or Vinari 2023 Braó 2019 Plaer 2021 medalla de plata Vinari 2023

93 points Ritme Celler wines in Peñín Guide 2024


We are very happy to show you the scores of our wines Ritme Celler (DOCa Priorat) in Guía Peñín 2024.

ETERN 2020, organic  …………….  93 points

PLAER 2021,  organic  ……………  93 points

RITME NEGRE 2020  ………………  93 points

ETERN 2021, organic  ……………  92 points

PLAER 2020, organic  …………….  92 points

RITME NEGRE 2021  ………………  92 points

+RITME BLANC 2021, organic  …… 92 points

+RITME BLANC 2022, organic ……. 92 points

Thanks for your interest in our wines.

93/100 points Etern 2018 in Decanter, priorat red wines

93/100 points Etern 2018, Ritme Celler

91/100 points Plaer 2020, Ritme Celler

Decanter ‘Highly Recommended’ 

We are very happy to show you the tasting notes of our wines of Ritme Celler (DOQ Priorat) in tasting Priorat red wines made by Decanter.

The tasting notes have been published in the February magazine along with an article where wines of more than 92 points appear as our wine Etern 2018.

Robert Parker (Wine Advocate), new scores for Ritme Celler wines

We are very happy to show you the new scores received by our wines from Ritme Celler (DOQ Priorat) in the wine tasting of Catalonia by the prestigious wine guide Wine Advocate (Robert Parker) considering our wines on the top of Spanish wines.

Etern 2020, organic …………… 94 / 100 RP
Plaer 2020, organic ……………. 93 / 100 RP
Ritme Negre 2020 ……………… 91 / 100 RP
+Ritme Blanc 2020, organic .. 90+ /100 RP

We hope you enjoy our wines!

93 points Ritme Negre and Etern in Peñín Guide 2023

We are very happy to show you the scores of our wines Ritme Celler (DOCa Priorat) in Guía Peñín 2023.

RITME NEGRE 2019 ……………… 93 points
ETERN 2018, organic …………….. 93 points
PLAER 2018, organic …………….. 92 points
PLAER 2020, organic …………….. 92 points
ETERN 2020, organic …………….. 92 points
RITME NEGRE 2020 ……………… 92 points
+RITME BLANC 2019, organic ….. 92 points
+RITME BLANC 2021, organic ….. 92 points
+RITME BLANC 2020, organic …. 90 points

Thanks for your interest in our wines.

Best Priorat Wine Etern 2016 in Premios Akatavino

We are very happy to show you the score of our wines Ritme Celler (DOCa Priorat) in Premios AkataVino (CIVAS Concurso Internacional de vinos y Sumilleres).


During the last 18 months, the AkataVino Wine Magazine & Guide team have tasted and valued more than 3,000 wines from 1,000 wineries, and only the wineries with 90+ Points wines have received direct nomination to participate in the CIVAS 2021 (International Sommeliers of Spain Wine Competition). Among the nominated wines, only 500 wines have been finalists and evaluated for two weeks in a double-blind tasting.

The JURY of the IV CIVAS 2021 Competition and the COMMITTEE of the Magazine & Wine Guide AkataVino award the XIX AKATAVINO 2022 AWARDS to the Best Wines of the year in Spain.

93 points Etern and Ritme Negre in Peñín Guide 2022

We are very happy to show you the scores of our wines Ritme Celler (DOQ Priorat) in Peñin Guide 2022:

Etern 2016 ……………. 93 / 100 points
Ritme Negre 2019 ….. 93 / 100 points
Plaer 2017 ……………. 92 / 100 points
Plaer 2018 ……………. 92 / 100 points
Etern 2017 ……………. 92 / 100 points
+Ritme Blanc 2019 …. 91 / 100 points

Thanks for your interest in our wines.

92 points Etern 2016 in Proensa Guide 2021

We are very happy to show you the new score of our wine Etern 2016 (DOQ Priorat) in Proensa Guide 2021.

ETERN 2016  ………………….  92 / 100 Points

Etern wine is made from 70 to 100 year old vines of Carinyena and Garnatxa. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. In conversión to organic.

93/100 points Plaer and Ritme Red in Peñín Guide 2021

Good score of our wines Ritme Celler (DOQ Priorat) in Peñin Guide 2021

Ritme Red 2018  ……..  93 / 100 points

Plaer 2016 ………………. 93/ 100 points

Plaer 2017 ………………  92 / 100 points

Etern 2016  ……………..  92 / 100 points

+Ritme White 2018 ……. 91 / 100 points

Ritme Celler is a project started in 2010 in DOQ Priorat in the small village of La Vilella Alta. We work vineyards between 25 and 100 years of traditional varieties like Garnatxa and Carinyena in organic way.

Priorat is a unique area where the vineyard suffer a lot in a very poor and rocky soil in sloping vineyards of our famous treasure: llicorella.

We look our wines express the purest Priorat singularity and personality with a lot of rhythm (ritme).

100 year old Carignan vineyard

Ritme Celler work the land in a traditional way. We have very old vineyards planted many years ago, some are over 100 years old.

The typology of the Priorat area “costers” of old vines does not allow mechanization and the work on the land is very manual. The proof is that we work the land with a mule, while the work is more respectful of the environment and organic way.

Video working old vineyard of 100 year old Carignan in La Villa Alta

Etern 2017 wine representative of DOQ Priorat 2020

Red wine Etern 2017 has been chosen to represent the DOQ Priorat in its official events during 2020.

Every year DOQ Priorat chooses from its wineries the representative wines that will be used in the official events, Etern 2017 has been chosen to represent the DOQ Priorat in its events during 2020.


Visit us!

At Ritme Celler we like to receive visits from distributors and importers around the world: Scotland, USA, Quebec, Australia, London, etc.

This shared time allows us to get to know the territory, the landscape, the terroir where our vineyards grow.

It is then that they understand the philosophy, the elaboration and the taste of our wines.

Welcome to Rhythm Winery!

Welcome to the Priorat!

Welcome to Catalonia!


94.62/100 points for Plaer 2016 of the Wine up! Guide 2019

Last March the 9th edition of the Wine up! in which they scored in Pleasure 2016 with 96.62/100 points.

This year’s edition has more than 1,130 wines and spirits tasted, rated and commented on through the blind tasting system.

You can download it by clicking here.

Plaer 2016 recives 94/100 points in the Guía Intervinos 2019

El Plaer 2016 receives 94/100 points in the 2019 edition of the prestigious Guía Intervinos.

Guía Intervinos is already in its eleventh edition and has the particularity that it is one of the most international of the Spanish to be translated into English, German and Russian, so it is a reference for many distributors and wine world fans outside our borders.

Ritme Celler at the Millésime Bio 2019

This year, Ritme Celler has been present at the Millésime Bio 2019, a 100% organic fair that took place from January 28 to 30 in Montpellier.

This fair, created and organized by the winemakers of the Sudvinbio interprofessional association since 1993, offers a 100% ecological offer to its visitors, all of them professionals in the sector.

The organizers carry out a rigorous work of control of compliance with the legislation of the products displayed. The wines presented have all the ecological certification. All exhibitors must provide copies of certificates of conformity to the organic production method issued by an approved certification body, for all wines presented.