Robert Parker (Wine Advocate), new scores for Ritme Celler wines

We are very happy to show you the new scores received by our wines from Ritme Celler (DOQ Priorat) in the wine tasting of Catalonia by the prestigious wine guide Wine Advocate (Robert Parker) considering our wines on the top of Spanish wines.

Etern 2020, organic …………… 94 / 100 RP
Plaer 2020, organic ……………. 93 / 100 RP
Ritme Negre 2020 ……………… 91 / 100 RP
+Ritme Blanc 2020, organic .. 90+ /100 RP

We hope you enjoy our wines!

100 year old Carignan vineyard

Ritme Celler work the land in a traditional way. We have very old vineyards planted many years ago, some are over 100 years old.

The typology of the Priorat area “costers” of old vines does not allow mechanization and the work on the land is very manual. The proof is that we work the land with a mule, while the work is more respectful of the environment and organic way.

Video working old vineyard of 100 year old Carignan in La Villa Alta